Will my watch band fit me?

The watch band can be adjusted to fit anyone! Watch bands are a standard 8 inches. Links can be removed or added by removing the pin to adjust the size of the band. You can adjust the size of the band yourself or take it to a jeweler or watch repair shop. A link removal tool is included with your order while supplies last. You can also purchase extra links to add length. To remove the pin on your own, push out the pin from the narrower side of the pin (usually the side that is partially depressed in) with the link removal tool or a paper clip. You can pull the pin out the rest of the way to remove it. Now you can remove or add links as needed.

How long will it take my order to ship?

Once your order is placed, please allow 1-2 business days for in stock orders to process prior to shipping. Shipping is done via USPS. A tracking number will be provided via email once your order is placed. The tables below provide a cost comparison and estimated time of delivery for the shipping options offered by DeVauls.

Click here to find out more information about shipping on the USPS website. You can track the status of your order here.

Domestic Shipping

International Shipping

How do I care for my watch?

Due to the nature of the movement and the wood, your watch should not have prolonged contact with or be fully submerged in water as damage can occur. The wood may expand if any part of it exposed to water for long periods of time. If this happens, allow watch to completely dry before wearing again.

Your watch does best at room temperature with humidity control. High and low temperatures or humidity can cause changes in the wood. To clean use a cotton cloth lightly coated with an oil specialized to condition wood to buff the wood surface of the watch.

It is recommended to have your battery replaced by a reputable jeweler or watch repair shop when battery replacement is necessary.

How Do I Use My Watch? 

CS Series

Button A starts and stops the second hand when the crown is pushed in fully. The starting position of the second hand can be changed by pressing Button A repeatedly when the crown is fully extended.

The crown has three positions: in, halfway, and out. When the crown is pressed in fully, the minute hand, hour hand, seconds subdial, and 24 hour subdial are running. When the crown is pulled out halfway the date display can be changed by rotating the crown counterclockwise when the watch is facing up towards you. When the crown is fully extended out, allows the minute hand, hour hand, and 24 hour subdial can be adjusted by rotating the crown. Fully extending the crown also stops the seconds subdial.

Button B resets the second hand to the starting position that was set by button A when the second hand is not in the set starting position.