About Us

Style isn't our job, it's who we are

Our Mission

The DeVauls team was founded in Philadelphia PA comprised of artistic and fashionable innovators. With an emphasis on being different, we separate from the pack by using all natural wood in a stylish manner for our timepieces. DeVauls uses unique and natural materials for our novel product lines. We believe that if you’re not taking action in favor of the future, you’ll be left in the past. So our focus always remains around class and modern style, because who likes the same boring old stuff anyway?

The Goal

Our goal is to deliver something modern and different to lace your wrist with. At DeVauls we believe keeping fashion classy can be done in a sporty way. Our watches have been specifically designed to maintain a business professional look while capturing a stylish and trendy polish to them. We aim to create an alternative solution to old-fashioned, tiresome timepieces without sacrificing style. And along with style, we put an emphasis on quality as all or our watches are hand crafted. Someone has to take the lead for out of the box, forward thinkers, and we plan to pioneer that journey. Come along for the ride!